On Sunday, December 11, the Wesley bell rung for the first time in over 40 years thanks to Austin Firefighter Dan Herman. Herman cleared debris, oiled the bell, and added a rope, so that the bell could ring again. Herman felt like this was a small task, but it meant a lot to the Wesley United Methodist Church congregation.

LaMonica Lewis, Music Ministry Director, was one of the members.

Brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t heard that bell since I was a little girl at Wesley. Awesome!! Praise God!

Reverend Sylvester E. Chase, Jr., Pastor at Wesley never thought that he would hear the bell ring. He thanks God and the Austin Fire Department for this need that has been met.

“To know that we can come together and do things for each other, whether or not we know each other. But still you are a part of the human race and you have a need, and it’s a need that I can do something about,” said Pastor Chase.