Sunday School

The mission of the Wesley Church School is to teach the stories of the Bible to all children, youth and adults and show how they give direction and meaning to everyday living.
The Church School provides children, youth and adults with bible training, bible study and wholesome Christian activities to build a firm foundation for Christian living. Materials, lessons, music, recreation and Christian nurture are provided to enhance student learning and appreciation for the work and power of Jesus Christ. Activities include annual Vacation Bible School, Christmas and Easter programs and opportunities for Christian growth.

Belief Statements


Church School should be a vital component of the Wesley United Methodist Church.

Church School can provide a time for the Wesley family to appreciate, study, and apply the word of God.

The Bible will be the basic education resource for the Wesley Church School Program.


Church School will allow members time to gain in-depth insights with respect to the word of God and his meanings that give us hope for the future.

Church School will offer a comprehensive program of Christian education.


All Bible classes should be components of the overall Wesley Church School.

The children, youth and adult members will use teachings from the Bible to enhance the framework, focus, direction and meaning of all aspects of their lives.